off site show

At the beginning of the off-site show, because it was an exhibition with other students from different colleges. As a curator, it was difficult to judge which works were good, which ones were not good, and which one should be chosen. This involved the concept of art problem. Obviously there were two types of works, one is a work that is especially understood to be done with the popular materials of modern art, including how to display it, and what means to complete it , those artist know how to make “good modern art”. The other type is obviously not knowing the modern art and materials and methods of production, but you can see what the author wants to say, the character and sincerity of this person is there. But then again, this part of the work does not really good to display. So I really didn’t know which one to choose. But in the end, I have to choose a part of the unique works, because you have to consider the effect of the exhibition, then the curiosity of the curator is also revealed.