Cleansed and Purified

Video Title: Cleansed and Purified 
Length: 3 minutes 20 seconds 
Audio: Lacrimosa by Mozart 
December 13, 2018
Human beings have an endless fascination with beautifying and ‘purifying’ oneself to be fairer and softer until the idea of our identity is about the role we are obliged to play.  There is a bathing ritual originating from the Zoroastrian population of ancient Persia which utilises milk and rose petals and is continued as a tradition to celebrate a Zoroastrian child’s one year old birthday. In homage of Aryan ancestors, the bathing ritual stipulates the institution of religion and how it contributes to the hyper sexualisation of the human body. It is paradoxical that to expose oneself is sinful yet the very forces which create boundaries for the body are the same institutions which continuously pressure unrealistic expectations of the human body.
Creating a scenario with the viewer to watch me bathe and extending the invitation to eat with me is a dangerous temptation. The strawberry cheesecake and the sickly candy pink table cloth clashes with antique crockery which is possibly a reflection of the bizarre mix of trashy with classy in the video. 
Image credits of installation by Philippa Laura Brabyn